CUE DAM for media and publishers

Manage millions of assets for your multichannel publishing in one system: Drive production efficiency and team collaboration in your newsrooms. CUE DAM is the cloud-based digital asset management solution that delivers concrete business value by surfacing your valuable media assets. 

Helping media companies succeed with digital asset management​

The media DAM that delivers business results

Boost efficiency

Increase team collaboration: Give journalists worldwide access to all your media assets and allow them to upload new ones at any time.

Find the right assets

CUE DAM is a smart media library: Find the right assets for every story, every media format and every channel.

One central archive

All content in one system: CUE DAM is archiving all uploaded, published and saved assets and variants for you.

Stibo DX has taken the lead

The German industry magazine Kress pro recently announced the 2021 ranking of the most used editorial systems in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We are proud to say that we have ranked no. 1 in all three categories: digital, newspapers, and magazines.

Badge of best editorial system of 2021

All assets in one view​

CUE is the media DAM that provides a single view on all your digital assets. For stories that move readers, editors need information from the right sources. 

You can observe coverage of other media in real time, and access press photos, agency reports, social media feeds and archived data at any time.

DAM combining data and assets

Work smarter, together

From first draft to published article. CUE DAM keeps news production on track.

Reuse your media content and bring newsrooms closer together. Hundreds of users can collaborate and share content or assets, no matter where they are.

work smarter together with a DAM

Leverage the power of AI​

Powerful AI tools / SEO / Search

Let CUE’s AI engine do the heavy lifting. Face and object recognition, label detection, and semantic tagging are some of the features that will keep your assets in order and make the day of journalists easier.

CUE DAM feature highlights​

flexible cloud-based DAM

Available as a flexible, cloud-based media DAM

image editing
Image editing

Clip, crop, size, set focal points, and more - without Photoshop

powerful AI tools
Powerful AI tools

Automated semantic tagging, face recognition, label detection, and more

variant management
Central system

One single view on all your digital assets

version control
Version control

Track incremental changes to each asset

rights management
Rights management

Assign specific usage and display rights to each asset

enterprise DAM

Store and research, quick and simple

Collecting and finding digital assets should be easy. Sit back and let CUE do the hard work for you.

  • Import any asset type: images, videos, audio files, and more
  • Find suitable content via keywords in no time at all
  • Assets are automatically analyzed, tagged, and stored centrally with a full-text index
manage and organize

Manage and organize with ease​

With its intuitive interface and automated functions, CUE DAM makes media asset management for editors and newsrooms a breeze.

  • Search and filter assets on multiple levels using standard and custom parameters
  • Stay updated on new versions, changes and publications of each asset
  • Ensure consistency and compliance of millions of assets
share and distribute

Share and publish seamlessly

Easy multichannel publishing: Deliver your assets to every channel you want. New content can easily be delivered from outside CUE DAM, stored in a media-neutral way, and made available for further news production systems.

  • Use your assets for several publications and channels
  • Share assets seamlessly with third party systems
  • Search for assets directly and insert them into the appropriate templates via drag and drop
keep your assets safe

Keep your assets safe

Rely on CUE’s robust media rights management tools as your digital gatekeeper.

  • See the copyrights of your assets and be alerted in advance of expiration dates
  • Manage user rights and access rights in detail
  • See which files are being used where and by whom

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Integrate and extend

Need an media DAM that connects with your tech stack and digital channels? Use the extensible API to integrate CUE with your third-party CMS, print production system, apps, etc.

Need your DAM solution to work harder? Extend CUE’s features by integrating with InDesign, Photoshop, Word, and other best-of-breed applications.

unlimited extensibility

Flexible, cloud-based media DAM​

CUE’s cloud-based DAM technology provides several concrete benefits when it comes to speed, scale, cost, and accessibility.

Not only do you eliminate the need for setting up and maintaining your own infrastructure, you also get a DAM that grows with your media company and is easily accessible to all newsrooms and teams in all locations.

CUE cloud

See how CUE DAM works

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